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the relationship with your legal ADVISER matters.

Each time you need to pick up the ‘phone for advice, it should be something you look forward to, conscious that you’ll get not just the superior counsel you seek but also the simple pleasure of talking to someone you like and know.

I enjoy this business and spending time with the people who populate it, all of us operating in a tight-knit and driven community.

I also know that, in this industry, the people we deal with on the opposite side of the table today will inevitably sit beside us later; I believe that our interactions today should cultivate the kind of relationships that will continue to reap rewards well into the future.

A better way to resource your legal needs.

This law practice does things differently, offering a personal and personable service to a small portfolio of clients.   As a small firm, I have the freedom to focus on clients’ needs without the distractions that come with larger firms’ internal demands or the never-ceasing fires that many in-house counsel spend their day attending to.  Having sat in both chairs, I understand those stresses and appreciate that there’s a better way for both my clients, and me, to do business.

Experience has shown me how hard it is both to attract high-quality, in-house talent and to maintain outside counsel fees at a level that doesn't compromise on quality. 


Practice Areas

Contract Negotiation, Review and Production  |  Structuring  |  Transaction Management  |  Legal Research and Analysis


Aircraft and engine operating leasing including sale-leasebacks, lease novations, restructurings and amendments, lessee repossessions and delinquencies


Structured finance, including export credit agency-backed lending, and other bilateral lending arrangements


Lease and finance document covenant review, release agreement review and negotiation; insurance certificate review


Advisory and registrations

Trading and acquisitions

Aircraft and engine purchases and sales, including OEM purchases

Maintenance and suppliers

Engine maintenance and "power-by-the-hour" contracts; MRO and other third-party supplier arrangements


General corporate governance and compliance issues; standard-form document review, production and management; covenant review




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Law Office of Brian Bolger
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